C.g.k V.2



Introduction: C.g.k V.2

About: newbe hated knexers no body Favorited knexers killer safe cracker apples!!

c.g.k v.2 stock side shield for knex battles some what adjustable stock



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    You could have taken multiple pictures. I cant even see what type of gun this is. Does it use a hopper or a magazine, and what trigger mech does it use?

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    sorry bout that bout my baby sister got to it before i could take more pic and turret and block trigger but before u say anything bad bout it the gun is super strong usin the right bands and ammo gypsi ammo red rod with a gray single connector attched im trying to re build it right now look in at v.1s pics then my stock

    i started yellin weird stuff at the gun when it blow up in my face the first time i shot it and thats how the name came and look at v.1 if helps more and dont listen to dj radio he nos nothing

    Yelling strange stuff at a K'nex gun = gypsy? ....Interesting.

    And I don't know how that is relevant, since DJ is nowhere to be found on this page at the moment, but I formulate my own opinions anyways. And DJ doesn't "no nothing", he's just a bit abrasive sometimes and if you don't know him then it can come off as being mean. He's been around for a while so if he thinks something is not keeping up with our current expectations then he gets mad at it and isn't always understanding that people have to start somewhere. With time, you will be able to get along with him or at least remain civil with him, but ONLY if you play your part and don't go to everyone telling them that you don't like him and saying that he is your most hated person on this site in your banner thing. That will only cause more problems in the future.

    On the contrary. I know exactly that people start out at the bottom. However, the difference is I got NO mercy. Newcomers here have it too easy. If I didn't get the harsh criticism I did back then I wouldn't be as good as I was today. That's why I'm hard sometimes on newcomers.

    I lol'd. How in the heck can you type that I know nothing with bad grammar and a sloppily made gun and keep a straight face?