Chain and Feather Earrings




Introduction: Chain and Feather Earrings

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this is a how to on making a pair of chain and feather earrings enjoy!!

Step 1: Materials

what you will need is
      chain (in desired color)
      two feathers (the ones for crafts or natural)
      four jump rings (metal of choice)
      a pair of earring hooks (or any earring base)
     at least two pliers (i have jewelry pliers)
     a type of crimp for like leather strips and feathers

Step 2: Cutting the Chain

first ya gotta cut the chain to any length i cut mine two to three inches

Step 3: Putting the Crimp "beads" on the Feathers

first you need to cut off some of the stem of the feather then using the pointed pliers and carefully close one side at a time
pressing tightly and forcing them to close

Step 4:

now all that is left is the finishing open the jump rings (twist them open) on one put one side of the chain and the feather then close the jump ring then put the second jump ring on the other end of the chain with the earring hook  then repeat for the other earring

Step 5:

enjoy your new earrings!!!!

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