Chain Holder (bicycle Maintenance)




Inspired by BBB chaingrip (chain holder) BTL-50 I've decided to make one for myself. That holder allows to work with chain without rear wheel.
I had old jockey wheel and spare skewer, the other bits and pieces are pretty much available everywhere.
I used:
skewer (doesn't matter front or rear any size will be ok)
jockey wheel
piece of steel pipe (good donor for example might be aluminum/steel pen)
pieces of wires (usually they used for wrapping cables but might be steel or copper doesn't really matter)
lock nut and old spoke (for optional hanger)
Procedure and final effect on the pictures. Cheers!

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    8 years ago on Introduction


    Great idea. I've wanted one of those gadgets forever. I often remove my wheels to put my bike in my trunk.

    I'm not sure if you led me to BBB chaingrip (chain holder) BTL-50 or the other way around.

    I haven't tried making one yet, but it's on my list. $20 saved is a good thing.

    I'm curious. Why did you decide to extend the skewer out the chain side rather than have it locked to both chain stays? It seems like your tube idea would work "stay to stay". I'm thinking having the skewer sticking out would make it more awkward in the trunk.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Don

    Phil B

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I am not familiar with the original device you are improvising, so it took a while before I understood what you are doing and what the first photo actually shows. What you did with the spacer tubes allows you to use the skewer's arm to clamp the skewer into the right rear stay so that the skewer is firmly mounted and the chain can run on the jockey wheel while the bicycle's rear wheel is removed.

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    thewhitePhil B

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    yeah, you're right the photo is not very clear and the mess in the background is not helpful definitely. I'll take photo again tonight from a different angle that will help. the other thing is that my device is independent of frame size might be 130mm(road bike) works fine with 135mm(mountain&trekking) and 125mm bmx/old bike is not a problem. with the BBB chain holder you'll need to buy separate for MTB or road.

    Phil Bthewhite

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I am not critical of your first photo. That part of a bicycle is a little cluttered with parts--not your fault. Anyone who does his own wrenching and would be likely to use your device will understand your picture, even though he may need to look at it a couple of minutes. The obvious rear derailleur in the photo helps provide an orientation. It is a bonus that your device will fit any bicycle. Good job.