Change Batch Pause Prompt


Introduction: Change Batch Pause Prompt

In batch the pause command pauses a file but do you want to hide the this file is paused pressany keh to continue or change that message here's how.

Step 1: Hide Pause Prompt

Open notepad and type pause> nul and save the file as pause.bat to hide the pause prompt.

Step 2: Change the Pause Prompt Message

To change stats pause prompt says type
pause> nul | set /p "=MESSAGE HERE" Copy the line above and don't edit it exept where it says MESSAGE HERE and make sure the quotes are included
Note the | sign is a pipe not an L or i its found on the top left side of your keyboard.

Step 3: Contact Me

Share cool codes with me and check out my other codes here.
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    SSorry the url didn't post there it is

    The pause can be used in any batch file for example

    @echo off


    Echo hello


    See more tutorials here

    Great tutorial! One small thing though, where should I place the pause.bat file?