Charging Station

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I have a bunch of devices that i need to charge, Doing it this way makes it so I know where my chargers are whenever I need them. This is a 12 slot plug. I got it at a hardware store for around 20 bucks.

Devices that I am charging.

best power strip ever

new iphone
original iphone
galaxsy s3 battery
standard phone plug
mini portable speaker
rc heli
digital camera
aa & aaa rechargable batteries
9 volt rechargeable batteries
electronic cig
12 volt charger pack
mini usb

Step 1: Add Devices

Always having y'our devices charged when you need them it clutch. I feel like i never have enough plugs this seems to work the best.

Step 2: Closing

This charging station works great i might mount it on the wall with a small shelf above it to set my devices on.



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