Cheap, Easy Nichrome Wire Igniters




the simple way to make nichrome wire ignitors (like the ones that come with model rocket engines) for setting off fireworks and stuff.
can be used with model rocket launchers, or cool people will make tetranitrates' awesome detonator

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and use that.

I use it to blow up fruit. (Mainly rock-hard pears from my neighbors tree) You are responsible if you use it on something else. like relatives.

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Step 1: Get Your Materials

to make these, you will need:

low-resistance material. (it means wire, dumbbell) I used rosin-core solder. because it was in sight and didn't move faster than me.

masking tape. (any kind of tape will work, but masking is easy to rip with your fingers)

nichrome wire. Can be bought in 10-foot rolls at, but I recommend looking for a spool of it on the internet (I used guage 38)

wire cutters and needlenose pliers help

Step 2: Cut, Wrap and Bend

to start, you need a surefire way to have the nichrome always connected to the wire. cut two pieces of wire around an inch long each,according to preference. then I suggest using needlenose pliers to wrap the nichrome around the end of it 2-3 times, using the needlenose pliers to bend the top over and squeeze it tight

Step 3: Cut, Wrap and Bend Episode 2

with about a centimeter of nichrome in between (more or less to taste) attach a second wire to the nichrome like the first and put them in the sticky side of a strip of masking tape

Step 4: The Finished Product!

all that's left is to cover it up with another strip of masking tape. when electricity is run through the nichrome, it will get hot and set stuff on fire! Yaaaaaay!



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That is not as stupid as it may look, for some reason instructables sometimes places the boxes wrong. The stupid thing actually is someone taking time to add these boxes


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Florist use thin wire to make bouquets that stick out these green foam blocks. That works great too


    7 years ago on Step 4

    i always used a single strand of copper wire, and wrap it round a match head.
    a little bit of clingfilm, and dip in candlewax and they work underwater too!

    try picture hanging wire. it looks like a tiny cable. pull the wires apart so you have a single wire. the wires are steel and they have a nickel or zinc coating. use something like a drill battery to ignite it. you can get 10 ft or more in i package for very little money. it's not commonly known that it works like this, so you don't need to be OLD!

    I'm 13, and I'm gonna get my mom to get some on ebay. it's like 3 bucks for a 30-ft. spool of 33-guage.(too many threes...)


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 4

    you can get it out of hair dryers i think toaster and kettles too


    9 years ago on Step 4

    toasters are the bomb for nichrome wire. can't wait till fourth of july. mad explosions