Cheap Kuemmerling(bottle) Lantern




Introduction: Cheap Kuemmerling(bottle) Lantern

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1 kuemmerling or each other small bottle
1 switch
1 led
batterys (optinal with a holder for easy changing)
some wires 
a soldering iron & solder
cutter or another sharp knife
**sorry for the bad english and its my fir instructable**

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Step 1: Cut a Hole in the Cap

first we cut a hole for the switch
the hole must be big enough for the switch 

Step 2: Soldering the Circuit

 now you just must solder all so together like you see ist on the picture (but its must be small enough to put it in the botttle) and push the switch to test the circuit

Step 3: Connenct the Cap With the Circuit

 i have used a switch to screw when you don´t get one like this you must use glue to attach the switch on the cap

Step 4: Put It in the Bottle

 now youfe got a empty bottle and a cap witch a circuit and must put the circuit in the bottle this could be get difficult

Step 5: Push the Button!

 when you did it all right it looks like this

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