Cheap, Affordable and Fun... MARSHMALLOW GUN!!!!

Introduction: Cheap, Affordable and Fun... MARSHMALLOW GUN!!!!

This is a cheap and easy project that is sure to be a hit in your home! It is PVC pipes and fitting with a little flair from spraypaint. I personally think the spraypaint makes the whole project. This is a great father son, or hero dad project!

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Step 1: Materials!

Most matierials are shown in the picture but not all so read*:
1/2" PVC piping cut to these distances:
4- 3"
1- 4"
1- 5"

2- Slip type tee 1/2" pipe fittings
2- Slip type 90 degree 1/2" pipe fittings
2- Slip type cap 1/2" pipe fittings
a hack saw or something to cut PVC with
ruler or tapemeasure
One can of spraypaint that works with plastic (optional 2 colors for a more camo look)
optional tape for a tiger stripe camo affect
Mini marshmallows
somewhere to hang your gun to paint it.

Step 2: Cut Your Pieces to Length.

1/2" PVC piping cut to these lengths:
4- 3"
1- 4"
1- 5"

These are the lengths to cut your PVC to. A hack saw will do but other types can be used. *Make sure that once u have finished cutting you get rid of the little bits of PVC left over and brush them away and blow through the tubes. These shavings can be harmful if inhaled*.

Step 3: Assembly!

Here's the part where your gun comes together look at the chart in the picture for where everything goes.

Step 4: Hanging

Find a well ventilated place to hang your gun! I used a tree branch and went to town!

Step 5: Spray Paint It!

Now it's time to hose that sucker. Make sure to get it all and let it dry for the time written on your can. Don't be shy with the paint or some of the bad looking writing or labels may show in your final product and who wants that right?

Step 6: Optional: Personal Touch

Camo? I used a second color lightly and spotty to give it a camo jungle feeling. This does take a little know how but it is managable by almost anyone. Again this is optional but since I had the paint around i decided to do it. 

Step 7: You're Done!

And there it is! Your very own Mini Marshmallow shooter! To fire- place the marshmallow at the end of the barrel and push it in a little and blow through the top nozzle hose. This will shoot a good distance. I know it's only a marshmallow gun but I do insist on safe practices like not putting anything harmful in this gun 8^o! Thank you! hope you enjoy!

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