Cheap and Easy Halloween Eye Buttons

Introduction: Cheap and Easy Halloween Eye Buttons

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im going to show you how make cheap and easy eyeball buttons for halloweenm, you will need.

a small paintbrush.
white acrylic paint.
green, blue, or brown actylic paint.
regular old clay.
a small marker (the same color as the paint you chose but darker.)
an old colored pencil.
and a small screwdriver

Step 1: The Clay.

take a small wad of clay, roll it into a clyinder, make sure its 4 inches long. the cut it in half and roll the 2 halves into balls, press them against something hard to make them into domes. then using your pencil, press into the center of the clay until your almost through, the using your screwdriver make 2 small holes in the bottem of the big hole. (sorry I didnt get any pics of that part. I thought i did. but i didnt)

Step 2: The Paint

now but the pencil in the big hole and the paint the domes white. now mix your color paint (I used green) and mix it with a little
bit of white paint to make it light. now press you brush against the pencil and then slowly turn the pencil to make a nice green circle. now its starting to look like an eye!

Step 3: The Marker.

once the paint and clay ar dry. take your marker and make lines around the borders of the light green. then using the tip of the marker. make fine little lines point into the light green.
congradulations! your done.

dont worry if your eyes look like crap from close up. the farther away you are the better thay look.

now you can sew the onto anything that you think needs eyes.

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    4 Discussions

    Zombie Kitten
    Zombie Kitten

    11 years ago on Introduction

    make one brown + attach them to cufflinks + you can be Alex from A ClockWork Orange!

    Mr. Rig It
    Mr. Rig It

    12 years ago on Introduction

    You should put some magnets on the back and put them on the front door or the fridge :) Or you could put a single LED in each one and have them light up. Nice craft


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea, just stay away from airports.... ;-)