Cheap Aquarium Led

Introduction: Cheap Aquarium Led

Really simple cheap to make high power LED light for aquariums.

Tools required

  • screwdriver
  • drill with a step drill or 12mm drill bit
  • solder and soldering iron
  • glue

Parts required

  • 1 led floodlight from fleebay 10w or 20 or 30 all the same just bigger (or smaller depending on which one) cost me £8.99(10w) 6500k cool white
  • some clear plastic (i found some on an old poster frame)
  • 2 waterproof stuffing glands also from fleebay about £1

total cost £10 (as i had the rest of the bits around)

( if you dont have the other bits you will need: shrink wrap , electrical tape the nichrome was personal choice and therefore optional)

Step 1: The Tricky Part

Take the floodlight apart discard the thick glass, as it filters to much light even though it may not look like it does.

De solder the wires from the LED and glue the holes up, as you can see i have drilled the hole for the stuffing gland and screwed it in ,feed the wire through the gland and solder the extension wire on ,this wire can be as long as you want it or need it.

just note the positive and negative wires for later.

Step 2: Finishing Steps

There should be a unit with an LED driver in it, drill a hole in the back of it and add a stuffing gland.

Then feed the other end of your extension wire through it. Solder it onto the wire you de soldered off the LED making sure positive and negative are the right way around then tape the bare wires up and shrink-wrap so they are not touching.

Cut out new cover for LED from the clear plastic pop it on and screw everything back together but do not attach the LED driver onto the back of the light leave it off for a streamline look.

You can mount it anyway you want,i made a hanger out of a piece of carpet joining aluminium and bent it into shape and used nichrome wire to hang it up .

Hope you enjoy it :)

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    Nice fix! It's cool that the top is still so open, allows for some interesting views of fish I'd imagine. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the comment it dose make for nice viewing, The colors of the puffers pop and the greens and reds look better great for the plants too just make sure you get a cool white 6500k i forgot to put that in my bad !!