Cheap Bike Lock




About: My full time job as an Organ Grinder keeps me pretty busy but that's just small change. My part time work, as a Mohel, keeps me up to date on my student loans from UCLSD.

Intro: Cheap Bike Lock

As I've always said, locks are for honest people. This is a simple lock to thwart the common bike snatching. I also tend to ride old bikes worth less than a Kriptonite so, this works for me.

Step 1: Chain & S-link

I had an old chain with this "S-link" on it.  I attached the link to the break cable stay that is no longer used.

Step 2: Lock It Up

This is just on my bike stand.  I usually lock to a shopping cart, BBQ, garden tractor, or what ever my be by the exit in plain sight. 

Step 3: Lock Up Your Friends

If I stack them I can comfortably lock up to 4 bikes.    Picture me rolling :)

Step 4: Sleeve It With a Bike Tube

I get a tube in proportion to my link size.  I use a string and soap to pull it all together.



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