Cheap Decor Lamp (unlimited Colors)

About: cheap and easy tricks

cheap decor lamp in less then Rs.100 or $10-5 parts laying around in the house

Step 1: Gather Peices

first of all you will need

empty peanut butter jar (eat it like you mean it)

5-led light (can be extracted from a torch)

3x aaa batteries with holder (can be extracted from a torch)

food color (your choice)


super glue

1% luck

Step 2: The Hole.......

dig a hole in the center of the jars cap not that big but wide enough to pass 2 wires out

Step 3: Get Wirey

pass the wires from the hole and stick the light to the cap with super glue

Step 4: Power Is the Key

then connect the battery to the wires in step 3 you can use any switch you want to plus make your color from the foood coler mix to water quater tsb of food color with water and bravo its done! switch off the lights and switch this on add silver gliter for perfect results it looks really beutiful.

best of luck with that.......:)



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