Cheap Mannequin Head




Introduction: Cheap Mannequin Head

Hello all. this is my first instructable. Here's how to make a mannequin head for cheap.

Step 1: Materials

mannequin head (styrofoam, cork, or just wrap your own head.)


plastic bags

stuffing materials (paper, foam, plastic bags, old socks guilt, shame, anything you can crumple up.)

cardboard or other stiff material

Step 2: Head Making (Don't Get a Swelled One.)

place bag over top of head and wrap in tape.

Step 3: Skin It!

after taping the head, slit it across the back, flip it inside out, and wrap again.

Step 4: Skin It Again and Stuff It.

slit again, remove from head, and tape over the slit. You should now have a shiny head shape.

Step 5: Finish It!

now take your stuffed head, or your original mannequin head and trace the bottom onto cradboard. cut it out. wedge into bottom of stuffed head and tape in place.

Step 6: Extras

You can keep lengthening the head to any desired height. (i.e. nemesis mask in pic)

and take a cheap plastic mask and tape it to the plastic bag head for cloth masks. (i.e. red hood in pic)



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    Thanks for the kind words, I hope it's useful.