Cheap Mesh Head Snare Drum- £15





Introduction: Cheap Mesh Head Snare Drum- £15

quick cheap drum for your electronic kit costing only you only £15 to make

id like to point out the information for producing these drums is originally from I'm simply showing my method of producing a cheaper drum that still works the same (only cheaper)

Step 1:

First step is your parts.
Youl need:

- 1 tunable hand drum (any size you want) £9
- Window mesh £3
- 1/4 inch jack £2
- Peizo transducer £0.5
- various wire and a means of attachment to your kits frame

Step 2:

now for mesh heads! yay!

i first removed the cheap plastic head from the hoop and trimmed the sharp edge away from initially removing it and then covered the hoop in tape to prevent any sharp edges from damaging the mesh

i then laid the hoop on several square sheets of mesh about 2 inches wider than the edge i then folded the edges over held them in place with bulldog clips and sowed them together 5 times for better strength

walla! a mesh drum head id make it a little loose as mine was difficult to put on as i made it realy tight before i put it on

Step 3:

now pop the head on top and tap away a little bit see if you like the feel

now add a support bar across the base (best to remove the head) and add the peizo sensor in the middle with abit of sanding block foam gently pushing against the head

then wire the peizo up to the 1/4 inch jack

sorry i dont have the pictures to show this but in the rush to get this done before band practice the photography took a back seat

Step 4:

finally mount that baby on your kit any way that suits you

i got a 12mm bolt and nuts to attach my drum and a toilet push button cover thing which just happened to fit my dtxplorer clamp the space in between was filled with a mahogany plug cut from a circle cutter and drilled out the middle for the bolt making the perfect attachment it also looks awesome and chrome

and there you have it a remarkably well sounding snare drum for your kit or even make a kit out of them for as little as $15 a drum

if this instructable has helped you produce your own kit then id very much like to hear about it or if you have any questions email me at



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    I did that mesh method before but my mesh heads only lasted about a week, instead use pet proof mesh about $20 a roll, and this method:
    A lot quicker than sewing the mesh and cleaner looking.

    It also depends on the module, the DM5 (one of the cheaper decent ones) can pick intensity which translates on volume but also on slightly different pitch when hitting harder...

    I will post more videos with the different sounds that I have programmed and maybe add some other instruments, it gets a little more involved but it's still not too expensive to accomplish.

    no the difference in sound is only the pressure or how hard you hit not the sound if that makes sense

    lol.....inshort... i m too poor to have any d5 device to be attached to homemade e-kit. thats why i m willing to break my keyboard .

    1 reply

    it could i think but it wouldnt have any velocity or how hard you hit it control you might as well just press keys :/

    hey there. dude i have read another tutorial in making a home made edrumkit. the guy used aluminium foil as an extended switch of keyboard(computer's keyboard) and when any of the piece of drum is hit it completes the circuit and the sound is generated from computer......i wana ask that is it posible tht we use peizo transducer as a switch attach it to the specific key of the keyboard and when the relative cymbal or part of drum is hit with stick the sound is generated from any keyboard operated software like EZ drummer.,. please reply.......

    I've got mesh heads on 4 10in handrums already and am still waiting for my 12in handrum to come in the mail for the snare. I've also developed a much quicker way to make the mesh heads without sowing. Once you've cut off the original head lay your mesh under the rim and slide it on to the drum shell, flip the drum upside down, and then use hot glue to glue the mesh to the rim. Cut off the excess and tighten it your done. If some of the mesh is pulling thew strengthen it with more hot glue.

    nice idea i was going to try something similar if my glue gun was working but the sowing method was a fall back plan. good job hows it coming along so far?

    I've also made cymbals out of an old album of records, by heating them up while rotating them over the stove and pressing the on a real cymbal to create the shape and some rubber and a sensor your done.

    I meant how it picks up the power of how hard you hit it, not what you do. The type of sensors....

    So it's pressure? I have seen some electronic drum kits that use laser sensors.