Cheap Motor-operated Screw Driver




A cheap motor operated cordless screw driver set.

Things required

  1. Geared motor 30RPM-60RPM
  2. Screw Driver set
  3. 9Volts Battery
  4. cables
  5. Soldering gun
  6. glue gun
  7. Pin to arrest the slip between motor and screwdriver
  8. 9V Battery terminals

Step 1: Rework on the Screw Driver

On the gripping side drill a hole to insert the motor shaft. I did not have a drilling machine therefore i used soldering gun to remove the material.

Insert the motor output shaft to the screwdriver hole and arrest the rotation using a pin

glue the battery to the motor and connect to the motor

i used bare terminals to reverse the polarity, you might want to use a DPDT switch to make it handy.

Step 2: Working of the Screwdriver Gun



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