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Introduction: Cheap Tabletop Lathe

im an instructables fanatic and i live in a really small apartment but a have a few projects i would like to work on but its a really...(15x22)...really small. the other day i decided to make a lathe but again the space so a tabletop version will have to suffice and here it is.


       *  An old pc                              \
       *  An old scanner or printer   >-{ im a junker/dumpster diver you'ld be surprised what people throw away 
       *  An old drill  motor               /
       *  A working drill
       *  and a dimmer switch
       *  lastly some basic tools

first you need to empty the pc case all you will need is the case and the power supply next reduce the scanner to the slider bar that the eye and light move on. Oddly enough this if you have read this far you probably already know were this is going. it may also need a dc converter im not quite sure if the power supplies come built in or if they are in the components themselves  although a rather doubt it. i have a picture of it about half finished i started day dreaming an designed the mark 2 so im gonna wait for the funds to do that. this one is rather simple mount the power supply LEAVE IT UNPLUGGED THERE IS CURRENTLY NO CURE FOR DEADmount the motor wire it up to the dimmer switch to give some speed control then to the power supply (choose the four pronged or hard drive) connector (yellow is 12v red is 5v and black is ground or negative)you may even be able to use a usb port too. now this is were you need to think for yourself you will obviously need a chisel for this to work mount the chisel to the slide and the bar to the case you need to mount all this in a spot that provides the greatest range of motion while keeping the close enough to the drills axis to make your cuts after that your finished plug it in and have fun. there is a better explanation on the video.  REMEMBER THIS IS A POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS DEVICE AND I CAN NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR IDIOCY.

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