Cheap Wall Mounted Bottle Opener With Cap-catcher

do you enjoy having a cold beverage on a hot day? do you hate looking around for a bottle opener every time? why not build a cheap, simple bottle opener that's always in the same comfortable location and will collect all the caps for you...
and its all built with things you can fine at home

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Step 1: What You'll Need

1 tall metal box ( i used a chocolate box)
15 CM (6") + height of box piece of wood
6 CM (2.3") piece of wood
1 small screw
1 medium screw
2 long screws
1 fridge magnet (like a pizza magnet)

glue (epoxy/super glue or such)

Step 2: Put It Together

drill the medium screw into the small piece of wood, about 2 CM (0.8") from edge so only 2.5 (1") CM is showing.
drill the small screw about 2 CM (0.8") away from the first screw so only 1 CM (0.4") is showing.
hold this piece (screw faced down), try opening a bottle and correct screws location and depth if necessary.

connect the small wood to the large at a 90 degree angle using the two long screws.
glue the magnet to the long wood in the middle of where the box will go.
attach the box to the magnet.
secure the whole thing to something stable (i used duct tape and some shelves) and test it out before the final positioning.
attach your rig to the wall using a couple of screws/some glue or attach to your fridge if you have a really strong magnet

Step 3: Enjoy

after attaching it permanently to a useful location just grab a bottle and enjoy.

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