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After a couple of years in our new house my workshop had turned from a man cave to a complete chaos. I really needed to organize it.

The big deal got to be where to place the small parts (one or two pieces of screws, nuts or stuff like that). I really needed to find a cheap and practical way of storing these items since I first and for most want to use them instead of the ones I got plenty of. I finally got the idea, I started collecting used, empty, chewing gum containers and by placing them on long hangers (see pictures) I really got them close by when doing my DIY projects. I hope this helps someone else as well.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi... i buy this gum all the time. Love the little containers and hated throwing them away . I think this is a great idea since i love to repurpose things. I have a lot of craft items ( brads, beads , pen nibs, etc) that will store nicely in these. Thanks!

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