Chicken Walking Robot

Introduction: Chicken Walking Robot

just some quick build ideas for a chicken walking robot



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    Thanks! He still talks about it.

    They should make that have electric motors in the hips, knees, and feet, so it's automatic.

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    After watching this I have thought up an amazing idea for an airsoft mech!

    Could you take this to the next level by having some variable resistors which are in the leg holding points, and put motors connected to that on the joins. So if you moved your leg forward, it would move/push/vary the variable resistor which would allow the motor to move, when the motor turns a certain amount you could put a "kill" switch to stop it vandalising itself... Which is reset when the opposite resistor/motor driven backwards is activated. I think this would be possible (Maybe not portable, and so you would have some wires dragging behind) but it is getting awfully close to the movie /comic "Iron Man"...

    OMG, this is extremely cool... Is it a robot suit?