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Introduction: Child Desktop

About: I'm mohammad a civil engineer from IRAN, I know english a little, i love work with cnc laser and made my own plan for fun.

i used mdf sheets to make a desktop with cnc machinery

Step 1:

this is my cut plan for cnc machinery

Step 2:

cut plan's parts with cnc machinery

Step 3:

parts before merging

Step 4:

merge parts together

Step 5:

I used many screws to secure the parts

Step 6:

this my completed plan and he is my sun "amir"



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    4 Discussions

    Nice.... Can You Share ....file for cnc cutting

    2 replies

    i uploaded my cut plan for cnc machinery at step 2.

    you can to download that and use for cnc cutting.

    that's cdr format

    enjoy that .

    Thank you so much .... got it thanks once again..

    Well done! Thanks for sharing.