Choclate Custard Fruit Pudding




choclate custard fruit pudding is one of the delicious pudding for summer. this pudding is topped with fruits,nuts,raisins,biscuits which gives extra crunchiness for our taste crave for this pudding. For kids who dont eat fruits or nuts individually this pudding can be given.Fruits and nuts contain many essential nutrients which gives us instant energy.

Ingredients required for pudding:
About 400 ml milk
custard powder
cacoa or choclate pudding powder
vanilla sugar
normal sugar
Any of your favourite biscuits
tuti fruti
straw berries

Step 1: Method of Preparation:

 Take about 200 ml milk and bring to boil. Dissolve 2 to 3 tbsp of custard powder in milk. mix properly so that no lumps are seen. pour this dissolved powder in to milk. By mixing it thickens. keep aside.Now take another 200ml milk and bring to boil.Di ssolve chocolate pudding powder in milk. Add this to warm milk and mix slowly . this process should be done on low flame. By mixing for few minutes it thickens.
Take a bowl .place biscuits on lower layer. pour custard on top of it so that biscuits are immersed in custard.Now top it with fin6ely sliced almonds,dates,raisins,tuti fruti and sliced bananes.Now place another layer of biscuits on top of it.pour choclate mixture on it. Again top it with dates,raisins,almonds,banane and straw berries. This biscuit layers can be continued. serve chilled.This choclate custard fruit pudding when cooled and eaten gives crunchiness of biscuits and also melts in the mouth because of choclaty layer.



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