Introduction: Chocoladekoekjesversiermachine


in these intractables you can find out how to make a chocolate cookie decorating machine.

We had a school assignment where we needed to build a 2nd grade’s pupil’s dream. We will explain you how we created the machine in these following steps:

before we start I would like to mention that you will be needing a lot of different tools and random materials.


·4x Hex Nut M8

Hex Nut M5

2 Hex Nut M10

16 Hex Nut M6

12 Hex Head Screw M8x20

4 Hex Head Screw M5

2 Hex Head Screw M5x20

16 Hex Head Screw M10x20

16 Hex Head Screw M6

12 Plain Washer 6 12

4 wheels

5 hooks

1 bottle

Safety goggles

· Aluminium plates

· Lots of bolts(M10) and screws(m10) ·

.3m of aluminium L profiles

Lots of Plexiglas

· Led strip (5m)

· Dremel

· Electric saw

· Drill & bits

· Basic tools like screwdrivers, hammer, etc

· Instant glue

· Fine rope

· Pvc tube (10cm. diam.)

· Bike pump

· Elastics

· Woodworking tools

metalworking tools ( plybench, etc)

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Step 1: Building the Aluminium Frame

1.cut the L profiles as seen on the plans

2. assemble them and drill holes at the ends

3. bolt together

4. cut the aluminium plate to make the bottom of the machine.

5. make a hole centred in the bottom plate. use the correct diameter

6. to make the bottom, cut it out as seen on the plans, then weld it together

7. cut out the top and bolt together.

Step 2: Making the Grid and Pedestal

8. cut out the grid so it fits the bottom flawlessly.

9. measure the centre of the grid and make a circular hole, using the same diameter again.

10. cut out the baseplate as seen on the plans

11. use the correct diameter so the pole fits without moving

12. take the metal pole and reduce length if needed

13. fix the pole on the pedestal.

Step 3: Adding Windows & Cookietray

14. cut out all the windows as seen on the plans

15. attach windows to the frame

16. cut out a Plexiglas arm and fix it on the top of the pole.


Step 4: Making the Dispensers

the sugardispenser

25. attach the lever holders in place

26. attach the hooks

28. attach the the small rope between the 2 hooks

29. hang the bottle and glue the mechanism to it

30. attach the rope to the mechanism

m&m dispenser

31.cut out and glue together the plexi for the m&m dispenser and glue it together.

32. make sure the middle one can slide and attach a rubber band at it

33. attach it in place on the plexi wall

cut out & glue together the labyrinth

attach 2 strings to each side of the labyrinth. stick them trough the holes and make a knot

make sure the labyrinth is leveled.


34. attach the plastic bottle in place, use instantglue to attach the plastic tube to it

35. glue the end of pump to the plastic tube. make sure it is airtight

36. attach the pump to side of the panel

Step 5: Making the Cookiedispensor

37. follow the plans to cut out the pvc pipe

38. attach the pipe to the plexi with bolts

39. now you can decorate it with the leds either way you want it.

Step 6:

Step 7:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! There have been a handful of these student-inspired machines. This one looks especially useful to me. Cookies!