Chocolate Latte

I stubled arcross this when I ran out of milk the other night.It's simple but I think it's tastes nice and I wanted to share my joy with the world'

Step 1: What You'll Need

You'll need;
hot chocolate(powdered stuff of coco powder would work)
cheap instant latte thing
hot water

Step 2: Mix the Stuff

Put about a table spoon full of the hot chocolate and the suger into a cup and pour in the boiling water.Give it a mix or you will end up with little clumps of coco powder floating about in it.

Step 3: End

Pour in your instant latte and stir it well ,this stuff clumps as well.And your done.
I sprinked some coco powder on top for the puposes of the photo.
Now enjoy.



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    yeah! next up, we've gotta make a jamocha clone (that good coffee shake at arbys)

    2006:08:31 16:58:35

    I hope that's not too personal to post. It's not like this of course:

    Anyone able to write a shell script or Gimp Macro to strip bulk Exif data and thumbnails from a bunch of photos in a directory, post it. That would be a useful instructable.


    Reply 12 years ago

    hrmm... there's got to be some sort of termination code to say when the exif data ends and the image begins... If you know where the data begins and ends, I think just reading in the image, some quick regex and writing the file should take care of that.... Am I missing something with that thinking? I think I'm going to play with that when I have some free time :P --- It's not too personal - at least in a society of tolerance it shouldn't be... But then again, that type of thinking has been a radical thought nowadays...


    12 years ago

    nice :) Perhaps some chocolate syrup or brown sugar for a little extra zing :D


    12 years ago

    Nice Job, I'll have to try this later.
    You should try mixing hot coco and flavored Coffee-mate liquid together. This flavors the coco (French Vanilla, Hazelnut, etc.) and gives it the "milky" flavor.

    Or if you have packets (or tin) of instant flavored coffee, you could also just mix that in to the coco and add some alternate milk which you can make if you follow this link: