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Introduction: Chocolate Mint Cake in Microwave

ever thought of making a different cake in a microwave but not good at it due to no ingredients? oh I have but recently I thought to try remix a classic molten chocolate cake here by using flavour :D i.e MINT. It was damn delicious. please don't make this while your hungry or you will end up craving it and loosing patience :D

You can almost try ANY and EVERY ingredient you like :D

Step 1: Ingredients

this cake is not EXACTLY the molten cake. WHY? because i didn't have any truffles or any thing. But what i had were some quality streets :D so i used them

as told by fhidiort in his lave cake that The secret here is using melted dark chocolate to produce moist cake. I USED SAME TECHNIUE. but some alteration. :)

instead of using 60 % cocoa... i used 47% ( lindt chocolate in the picture uses this amount this is why)

-2 oz. dark chocolate bar ( that is like 57grams of lindt out of 100grams bar one. roughly 5 and half pieces)

- 2 oz. butter (it's again 57 grams. but well i used around 40-45 grams of ghee because my country don't have unsalted butter available :D

- 3 tbsp sugar ( grinded)

- 3 tbsp flour ( maida)

- 1 egg ( i used same)

- 1 chocolate lindt truffle (but i used quality street chocolate. one was caramel, rest i don't have any idea )

Step 2: The Process

Break up the chocolate into pieces and place that along with the butter into a microwaveable bowl. Heat for 30 seconds, then remove and stir to melt the chocolate. If it's not quite melted, microwave for an extra 5 seconds and stir again.Be sure not to microwave the chocolate too long or it will thicken up; let it melt by stirring.

i did exactly the same thing, except i used ghee :D and no i DIDN'T cooked chocolate ALOT. make sure you make this cake after you have had breakfast, lunch dinner, because the buttery aroma actually makes you less patient and you might end up either eatting your cake raw or burnt :D

In a separate bowl, beat the egg thoroughly and mix in the sugar until it whitens a bit. Mix the egg/sugar into the bowl of chocolate, then slowly incorporate the flour.The finished batter should be fairly liquidy.

repeated same process, mixed the tbsps of flour by one spoon full each time. worked for me :)

The best container for microwaving the chocolate batter is, of course, the giant mug. Spray some cooking spray into it first, then pour the batter in. The cake will rise during the cooking process so make sure you use the largest mug you can find.
Finally, stick the frozen chocolate truffle into the mixture, about halfway in. Cover up the "hole" with some of the batter.

yes i freeze my quality street chocolates as they were already stored in freezer :D i didnt layer them on top of each there .. just side by side right in the centre.

i used a milk saucer because from my exprience of making chocolate cake, one need a cup or mug with huge base. and height.. so saucer worked for me :)

Step 3: The Baking Process

Microwave for about 1 minute and 30 seconds. If you have a less than 1000W microwave try a slightly longer cook time.

This is theplace where i did a little experiment, for me the direct microwave heating hardens my cake..

So what i did was to use the baking option on my microwave. IT took 11 min but the cake was as it is. however the microwave was warm like a preheated oven. i took this opportunity and cooked my cake on high for like 1 min and 10 seconds.

and the result was super moist cake. I can't really call it a lava cake as there was no flowing chocolate, but believe me it tasted minty and yummy.

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    Gothic  kitty juice
    Gothic kitty juice

    5 years ago

    Oh puh-lease I did that last year.but its a unique idea.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I agree. or a quick cake for someone quick birthday


    Reply 5 years ago

    thank you :) please do try. infact I might try the orange flavour :D

    So tasty and simple! Dangerous combo for myself. Awesome job figuring out the tricky bit, especially the microwaving! Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 5 years ago

    yes and soon I'll try an orange one too