Christmas CD Mini Tower

Introduction: Christmas CD Mini Tower


--CD tower
--Cereal box or any other cardboard box
--foam sheets en colors: red; green; black; white; yellow; soft pink and any other according to the design
--paint for fabric : red, white, blue, black

Step 1: Design

 choose the design

cut figures one by one

then cut the red foam sheet following the shape of all figures

cut the black foam only with the shape of the belt, boots and gloves, then paste the black boots on the red legs, the belt on the body... and so on

cut a circle from the cereal box and paste it on the CD tower to get a plane surface for the foam

select the color of foam for the CD tower, cut a strip and a circle and the paste them

Step 2: Finishing

 paste arms and legs from behind the body.

paste the head over the body

with a paintbrush or permanent market paint or draw the mouth and the eyes

Finally, paste a little box over the CD tower, this is useful to put in candy's or permanent markets for cd's, then paste the santa to the box

I gave this in a homemade gift exchange, and I added an special CD for the person.

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