Christmas String Shape Wreath

Introduction: Christmas String Shape Wreath

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The earlier tutorial Christmas stars from string shows you the process for making decorations in star shapes, trees, circles and hexagons. We’ve taken the star and tree shapes and turned them into a wreath in no time at all. We’ve used a pretty aqua blue instead of red and green. The familiar shapes of stars and trees on a circular wreath says “Christmas” as much as the traditional colours.

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Step 1: Cut a Strip of Hessian

Take a foam wreath. Cut a long strip of hessian about 10cm wide. Secure one end with a pin into the foam. If the fabric is not long enough, cut another and continue around the wreath.

Step 2: Wrap the Wreath

Wrap the hessian around the wreath, with a gap of about 5cm between the edges overlapping. Pin the end in place. Take the string shapes and arrange evenly. Use a glue gun or pins to secure in place.

Step 3: Display on Your Door

Ta Da! High impact which is quick to make. The contrast of a darker fabric against the light coloured shapes is effective.

Step 4: Secure With Velcro Dots

Use Velcro dots or 3M painting tabs (used to hang lightweight paintings) to secure the wreath to the door if you don't have any existing hooks. The foam is light.

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