Easy and Cool Clap Switch. Everybody Can Make This

Introduction: Easy and Cool Clap Switch. Everybody Can Make This

here is a little demonstration video, of the clap switch:



when i am laying in my bed, and the light is still on. i have to get out walk to the other and of my room to switch it of. and then i have to walk to my bed AGAIN. do you have the same problem?

i have a solution for that.

a clap switch, now you can just stay in your bed and turn your light of by just clapping :) whit's is pretty cool.
to do this you wil need a few things;


you wil need some basic tools as
-a soldering iron
-some hot glue
-a few twissors


you need to buy this kit http://m.ebay.com/itm/370683138930?nav=SEARCH
what we are going to modified, you can build the circuit whiteout the kit but whit the kit it's much cheaper.
next you need to buy;
-a 5v relay (make sure it's a 5 pin relay)
-a 1n4001 diode
-some wire's
-you can use some pin headers, but it can be done whiteout 
(everything can by bought from eBay)


Step 1: The Making Off

the building

test the circuit first whit only the led, before applying 220V
first you will need to assemble the kit, whit's is really easy. 
when you have done that you will see that you have 2 empty hole's.
whits are called J1 (see picture previous step)
the up pest one is the positive one, connect that one to the positive end of the relay
and the other hole to the negative and of the relay
now connect the diode to te relay whit the line pointing to the positive and of the relay.

just ad 2 switches one for the power, and one so you can set your lamp on whiteout it is able to switch off.

now connect your lamp to the really, one and to the common pin and the other and to the NO pin.

now you are done.

you wil now be able te control your light by clapping.

make sure that the wire's that go to the really can support 220v, or 110v if you life in the US

Step 2: Testing

here is a video about the working of the klap switch.


i hope you enjoyed the intractable, please don't forget to like and vote for the contest's

want a robotic arm?
see my other instructable.
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    13 Discussions

    Great instructable. Will the button switch still work?

    "just ad 2 switches one for the power, and one so you can set your lamp on whiteout it is able to switch off"

    I don't really understand this part. Could you explain a little bit more please? Thank you in advance!

    5 replies

    if you take a look at the scematic you will see that you need tot instal two switches. i only tried tot explain what the switches are for, when they are turned on.

    hope this helps.

    So on the schematic, the switch for the circuit power is a small switch to turn off the clap circuit? And the switch on the left is the switch in the wall for the ceiling lamp? (The preinstalled one in my house?)

    yes and no. both grounds are the same, but you do nog neer tot use the preinstald switch in tour wall. it arw both smale switches, so you van set the relay on or off, without the clapswitch.

    hope it helps.

    Just to make sure, the diode is in parallel with +ive and -ive terminals of the relay, and with J1 terminals?

    Also, is the ground on the left the ground that is in the lamp that goes back to the wall?

    the battery goes to the clap switch circuit, so that is were the 5v stands in the drawing.

    oke, i add the circuit diagram. i hope this is helping you farder.

    if you have more questions please ask.