Clay Bunny

Introduction: Clay Bunny

it's simple and fast to finish 

Step 1: Step One

all you need for this project is white, orange, green, pink,and  black oven bake clay. 

Step 2:

round a good size oval out of the white clay. pick a side where you want the rabbits face. press your thumb close to the top of the oval. flat in the bottom of the oval. 

Step 3: Step Two

create two small circles for the nose of the bunny. attach them to the bottom of your thumb impression.  take a smaller piece of pink clay and round and attach it to the the nose.

Step 4: Step Three

roll out two slightly thick pieces white clay and shape them into ears. take to small pieces of pink clay and form the same shape as the white clay ears but a little smaller. attach to head and blend the ear and head together. 

Step 5: Step Four

round a piece of white clay larger than the head. this piece is going to be used for the body of the bunny. attach the body to the head and blend the clay to each other. pull head back slowly.

Step 6: Step Five

roll four small cylinders for the legs of the bunny. attach to body and blend the body and legs together.  round a small ball of white clay that will be used for the bunnies tail.

Step 7: Step Six

round out two very small pieces of black clay. attach them to head just above the nose. do NOT blend into face.

Step 8: Step Seven

for the carrot roll out a piece of orange clay and form it into a carrot shape. take your finger nail and make indents into the orange clay to make it more real.   

Step 9: Step Eight (last Step)

take three small pieces of green clay and form them into leafs. again use your nail to form the creases on the leaves. attach them to the orange clay. do NOT blend. and your FINISHED!! hope you enjoyed creating this project

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