Clay Model of Steve Thepineapple



Introduction: Clay Model of Steve Thepineapple

How to make a clay model of Steve Thepineapple from STIFOO Productions, you will need green, yellow, and black clay, printer paper, and a pair of scissors

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Step 1: Body and Mouth (Yellow Clay)

mold a oval shaped sphere out of the yellow clay and make a mouth shaped hole where the mouth will be, then fill the hole with black clay. then take the paper and cut a tooth shape out and put it on the top middle of the mouth

Step 2: Eyes (paper and Black Clay)

cut two small circles out of the paper and mold a smaller oval out of black clay and put one on each of the circles. Then stick the eyes above the mouth where you want them.

Step 3: Spikes (green Clay)

mold several small triangle shaped spikes out of the green clay and put them all over Steve's body

Step 4: Hair (green Clay)

mold approximately 10 bigger triangles out of green clay and arrange them as shown up top.

Step 5: Done

now you can animate with your clay model of STIFOO Production's Steve Thepineapple

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