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Introduction: Coffee Creamer Recipe

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Standard liquid coffee creamers have loads of unsavory ingredients - things like partially hydrogenated oils, corn syrups, gums and artificial colors and preservatives - just to name a few. I'm not a big fan of them, but my boyfriend uses creamer every time he drinks coffee. He's gotten into the habit of using ONLY creamer instead of milk and sugar, or a small amount of creamer and some sugar.

In an attempt to get him consuming less of the scary stuff, I decided to have a go at making my own coffee creamer. This recipe is nice because you can really customize it like crazy to suit your tastes. He wasn't 100% sold (thought it could be sweeter!) but I thought it was very nice. The condensed milk gives it an almost caramel flavor, and it's creamy and sweet without being overwhelming. :)

I think I'll keep playing around with it, but I thought I'd post the most basic version in the hopes that it'll inspire you to try it and create your own flavors.

Looking for a non-dairy version? Check out Paige's coconut coffee creamer!

Step 1: Ingredients

  • 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 3/4 cup whole milk, cream or half & half
  • 2-3 teaspoons vanilla extract or flavor of choice

You'll also need a jar or bottle to make and store it in, I'm using a quart size mason jar.

Keep in mind that you can use nut and seed milks in place of these, but it will be much thinner.

It's best to use flavored syrups (Torani is a popular brand) and extracts in this creamer. Anything solid you add will continually settle to the bottom of the jar you keep it in (lots of shaking!) and will also rise to the top of your coffee meaning you'll end up with a mouth full of spices.

Step 2: Combining

Open the condensed milk and pour it into the jar. Then add the milk and the extract or syrup you chose.

Step 3: Mix and Store!

Pop the lid on the jar and shake until it's all well combined. Once it's nice and mixed, date the jar with your fresh milk product's expiration date and store it in the fridge.

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I don't like favored coffee creamers--I use Pet milk. It's cheap, good, and lowfat. And one can lasts me about a week. My husband managed to wean himself from creamers. I wish I could drink it black. Just think of the pure coffee taste!! Yum

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I don't know how expensive Straus yogurt is but it's super easy to make yogurt at home. I just made some organic Straus whole milk yogurt last week!

We go through flavored coffee creamers fairly quickly, buying our favorite 32-oz one at Aldi's, probably $2.29 each time. The condensed milk runs about $1.49 a can but have found it cheaper at times, half gallon of regular milk can vary also. (I do make a cold coffee drink using leftover coffee stored in the fridge with regular milk equally and add some condensed milk to flavor it, which tastes great). Frankly could care less about the additives, price is what matters to me. I'm thinking I probably won't save much money with this homemade version, but it sounds great. Lord knows condensed milk is fabulous by the spoonful anyway. (I hear you can even make condensed milk yourself).

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Coffee, real coffee, that is, cannot be refrigerated and saved. You can do this with instant coffee but not with the far superior dripped (or perked) coffee. Anybody who does this is genetically missing a category of taste buds.

A chemist explained to me that once the emulsion breaks down, the process can't be reversed. I'm just passing this explanation on; I don't really know if it's true. However, I do know from personal experience that old coffee it terrible, but some people seem to tolerate it.

Hey, I'm no connoisseur of coffee nor a desire to be since I refuse to spend a lot at this stage of the game. I have had some very good coffee in my time, however. I'm not talking ancient coffee here, anyway, no more than a week in the fridge, ha-ha, and not very often. I didn't even want to try it, but the taste is not that bad once doctored up with the milk and condensed milk, and you need to make it very sweet. I usually drink coffee for the caffeine lift anyway.

Thanks for sharing. Gonna try this - sounds good!

Nice, simple, easy...

I do the same, but, sometimes I just use milk & sugar.
I save and wash out empty creamer container.
It's the right size, shape and capacity.
I put 1/2 c sugar and fill with milk.
Shake to dissolve sugar.

I agree about the ingredients in commercial creamers. I won't eat or drink chemical food, and creamers all give me heartburn, so I haven't used them in years. I'd love to get raw cream but it isn't to be had anywhere around here. The ultra-pasteurized stuff is awful, too, but I jazz it up in my evening coffee by adding vanilla that I've extracted in brandy. Its to die for! I keep sweetened condensed for use in my bug-out bag, but it is delicious in coffee plain or flavored.

I'm going to try this. It so happens I have everything already and the creamer jug is about empty. Since the weather is threatening big snow again, this is perfect. Thanks for posting.

I'm going to try this. It so happens I have everything already and the creamer jug is about empty. Since the weather is threatening big snow again, this is perfect. Thanks for posting.


3 years ago

Just wondering, since I know when I put contents of one Lecithin capsule in my oil/vinegar dressings and shake it up, it will not separate again, when kept in fridge !

Awesome coffee adjunct plus very economical! Thanks for sharing!

Sounds tasty! Thanks for sharing.

I make this on a regular basis now. I like to add 1 tbsp. vanilla extract, 1 - 2 drops cinnamon extract (its really potent), allspice, nutmeg and 1\4 tsp. or less orange extract. its wonderful stuff.

We make this, and it has been hugely popular with the teen coffee drinkers in the house. Very tasty!