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This bracelet will take you quite a lot of time but is also totally worth it. The colours I used are just an example, try combining some colours yourself to make it more personal or themed. This bracelet is perfect for your festival or beach outfit but can also be sophisticated and be worn to spice up your outfit. And I apologise for probably using wrong terms for some jewelry materials but my original language is Dutch.

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Step 1: Design

Before you actually start making your bracelet you should think of a design. In this design I drew a complicated knotted bracelet, a beaded bracelet, a simple knotted bracelet and a chain bracelet. I eventually changed the design as I went, for example because I didn't like the charm or because I had a better bead idea.

Step 2: Choose Your Pattern

There is this great app/site called braceletbook which enables you to pick a pattern and then gives you a clear pattern to follow. I choose the pattern you see above which is a normal pattern with six different colours. The pattern consists of a small part of the bracelet which you will repeat until it's the length of your wrist.

Step 3: Supplies

If you will make the bracelet in the same way that I did you will need:

-3 jump rings
-extra piece of chain
-bead for the end of the chain
-2 clamps

for the beaded bracelet:

-jewelry elastic
-gold seed beads
-small pearls
-small wooden beads

for the complicated knotted bracelet:

-6 different colours of embroidering thread with the length of about a meter
(I used: orange, yellow, light blue, gold, green and white)

for the simple knotted bracelet:
-3 different colours of embroidering thread with the length of about a meter
(I used: yellow, green and brown)

for the chain bracelet:
-thin golden chain

Step 4: The Beginning

After cutting all the treads, chain and elastic you put them in the right order order onto a piece of tape. Make sure the width of the piece of tape is the same width (or smaller) as the clamp otherwise the tape will show. Then you close the clamp using your pliers.

Step 5: The Complicated Knotted Bracelet

First separate the threads for the complicated knotted bracelet from the other threads. Then take your pattern in front of you, every arrow shows which way the knot will go. The knots are explained in the image next to the pattern but I will show you as well. You will start by taking the outermost left thread and putting it over the next thread and then threw the loop, pull tightly and then do the same thing again. Every arrow exists of 2 knots. If an arrow doesn't point right but left your knot will have to be made like shown in the last two pictures,

Step 6: Simple Knotted Bracelet

With this bracelet you continuously make a right knot over the other two threads. After making a piece of about 2 cm you take one of the other colours and make right knots over the thread you just used and the remaining thread.

Step 7: The Beaded Bracelet

For the beaded bracelet I put 12 golden seed beads, 1 small wooden bead, 1 small pearl and then again 1 small wooden bead on the jewelry elastic.

Step 8: Adding the Clamp

I cut the chain after all the other bracelets are finished so I'm sure they will be the same length, but you could also do it at the begin in order to have an example for the length of the other bracelets. When all the bracelets have the right length you tape them together and cut it the same width of the clamp. The chain can be tricky so I added it separately.

Step 9: The Ending

Put the closure on by opening one of the jump rings with your pliers and then putting it through the clamp and the closure before pressing it closed again. The other end will consist of a jump ring attached to the clamp and the extra piece of chain. On the other piece of the extra chain you put a jump ring and a charm.

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    Wow, this is so beautiful! Your english is perfect, too - don't worry :) thank you for introducing me to braceletbook, and please keep posting your awesome instructables!


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    Hi Jessy, your English is perfect and the bracelet is beautiful! I am excited to make one :)


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    The mix of colors and materials make this a real eye catcher! Thank you for posting!!!

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