Concrete Garden Baluster Foamcut Hotwire

Draw some outlines of a baluster as seen from the front and from the side.

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Step 1: Cutting

Cut your foam baluster mold using a hotwire

Step 2: Prepare the Mold

When the hotwire cube is done cutting you'll end up with a positive and a negative mold. We'll not use the positive foam baluster at this time as we want concrete.

Step 3: Pour Foam Mold

Tape off the negative mold you just cut to prevent it from opening up due to the weight of the concrete. Once secured fill your mold with a pre-mix concrete and tap it on all sides to let air escape.

Let it sit overnight.

Step 4: Unveil Your Ornaments

When the concrete is hard enough simply remove the mold and you'll have a unique concrete ornament for pennies on the dollar.

disclaimer : The foamcuttingcube used to make this model was invented and engineered by fablab013. You should be able to recreate this model with any CNC hotwire system.

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