Constellation Lampshade

Introduction: Constellation Lampshade

perfect project for anyone who likes the stars. Also kids who enjoy space/stars will like this lamp too. you can put your favorite constellations or put your zodiac astrology sign.

what you will need.
-a lamp with a lampshade that you dont care if you poke holes in it. (please dont use your parents antique lamp or something reslly expenisve get a cheap lamp at a tag sale for like $1)
- constellation reference pictures ( the pictures in the end are zodiac astrology signs)
-sharp object (you can use anything sharp and round really i used a nail tho also you can make some stars brighter by makeing the hole bigger and vice versa)
- black spray paint

sorry about the drawn pictures my camera wouldnt work so i had to draw them with paint. but this is an easy enough project that it still should be easy to understand.

 #1 first take off the lampshade. spray paint it black and let it dry.

#2then put your referance sheet on the lamp or just look at it and do it where you think it would go. poke holes where the stars are. to make larger holes use a bigger nail and for smaller holes use a smaller nail.
put as many constellations as you want going all around the lamp shade. if you want be creative and make you own constellations.

#3 test it out and feel proud when you see how cool it looks at night :D

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    What a great idea :0) I will be doing this for my son... Thanks so much for sharing.