Converting Car Audio Into Home Theater.

Introduction: Converting Car Audio Into Home Theater.

converting car audio into home theater system

Step 1: 1

u will need a power converter. I used an old power supply from an old tower pc computer. A tablet with USB connection. USB cable, aux cable, old car stereo, any kind of speaker's, I used two magnavox stereo speakers and one sub woofer from a copy home theater system. need to make sure that ur stereo has a USB and auxiliary hook up's.

Step 2: 1st

The first thing I did was found an old tower to a pc and took paneling off. located the power supply took the screws out that we're holding it place. then took it out.

Step 3: 3rd

found a peace of wire about. half inch long and find the main plug that went to the mother board find the green and black wire and do as I did make it kinda keep it circulating like constant power.

Step 4: 4th

plug it in and make sure the fan on the power supply kicks on.

Step 5: 6th

unplug the power supply. then find the power wire for the radio. and the ground also the remote wire so u got red, yellow, blue, and black wire's. connect those to to the wires shown in picture. the ones that we're cut

Step 6: 7th

next connect speaker wires from radio to speaker's

Step 7:

make sure ur USB. cord is on and auxiliary cord. if u have a blue tooth compatible radio then u don't need cables. just download ur songs using ur blue tooth pairing. turn supply back on and radio on and enjoy as much as I do.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! I have always liked doing things like this. Taking things out of their intended enviroment.