Cool Halloween Costumes

About: I like playing guitar and hard rock. All of my instructables from the past, were from when i was a little kid screwing around on here, so don't mind them really.

Intro: Cool Halloween Costumes

hi,this instructable is to show some cool halloween costumes and what to get. please comment on what you think

Step 1: Cowboy

a cool little costume for your kids is a cowboy.
you need:
cowboy hat
cowboy boots
blue jeans

Step 2: Thomas the Choo-choo Train

another is thomas the train its really awesome
you need:
thomas costume(comes with hat)
under shirt
thomas basket(optional)

Step 3: Dash the Increadible

dash was one of my fav when  i was little  
you need:
dash costume

Step 4: Vampire

a vampire was a pretty scary costume when i wore it
you need:
face paint
long sleeved white dress shirt
vampire teeth



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    Andrew Graham

    2 years ago

    You can the outline of his privates in the incredibles one