Cool French Road Sign Coffee Table

Introduction: Cool French Road Sign Coffee Table

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hi there!

the other day, my boss asked me to make a table from a road sign he got from the local city gardener.

it was for his daughter's birthday......

the sign was made of aluminium, with 3D letters.....

I needed legs, so I browsed the local classifieds an found a coffee table with retro looking legs which we're also foldable....good deal!

then I made a simple wooden structure in order to make it more practical (storing magazines or remote controllers), it was done in an hour....

once every parts were stuck together , I had to drill holes through the whole stuff in order to measure the dimensions of the holes in the glass top.

the most expensive part was the glass (around 70 euros.....hey, boss you asked me a quality table don't you, so gimme those 70 euros!)

everything is hold together with 4 screws , notice that the glass is kept away from touching the aluminium with 4 cork slices.....

rough metal and new wood always go well together, as well as old wood and new metal.....that materials get old with style and it's always easy to blend them into a piece of furniture....


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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    This turned out great! If you have pictures during your build I'd love to see them!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! That looks simple enough to make.

    I love that old sign!