Office Alarm





Introduction: Office Alarm

if u had or have a sister u will understand uses a portable radio as a alarm.

Step 1: For the Fun Now

ok all u need is a radio like mine or similar
wire stripper and or wire cutter
wire like the one from a telephone line
switch like mine
solder and glue from a glue gun

Step 2: This Shouldnt Be Hard Now

ok now open that radio and find the cords coming from the battery compartment and cut and strip both ends now solder an extra foot on both ends oft he two wires then glue the soldered part to the frame of the radio. make two holes and run the wires u should have two non connected chords. connect them to the switch like in the picture.i used a Popsicle stick to keep my switch closed on my keyboard side on my desk.

Step 3: The Finished Project

ok now i attached it and put it on the most annoying and loudest channel on the radio. and if your radio has a headphone jack connect it to your computer speakers.have fun .Dont forget to comment,and you can use the same concept on the test button of a firealarm.Dont forget it has radiation though.



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    8 Discussions

    I WOULD RATE THAT 1854874967458674586798437598674938679843679804670984756098756088570869875064 IT IS SO COOL

    omg cool simple and cool. i love it!! :))))))))))))))))) so cool THATA IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!! DUDE

    Simple and straight forward. very understandable from the pictures what you are doing, but you might want a little more of a description. otherwise a very good instructable. And no, no one will see it, unless you make a habit of climbing under desks to look for alarms.