Cool Pimp Homemade Cane

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Intro: Cool Pimp Homemade Cane

think some cool canes are expensive. so with 5 min. epoxy bbs(tracer for glow) and a stick you can mak a pimp cane that is awesome.

Step 1: Shave the Stick

carefully use a knife or sander to smooth an shave the wood (soak if  needed)

Step 2: Get Bbs of Different Colors

get  all different color bbs or marbles

Step 3: Get Epoxy

i got mine from my dad so mabye lowes or home depot mix it till its really hazy with 5 toothpicks dries clear.

Step 4: Stick Them On

before it dries use toothpiks to stick the bbs on it (or marbles)

Step 5: Wait 5 Min. and Your Done

your done enjoy !!!!!!!!!

Step 6: Add Things Too (optional)

too make it last longer i added a



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