Cool Zippo Dental Floss Despenser

Introduction: Cool Zippo Dental Floss Despenser

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as we all now taking care of your teeth is a very important thing. flossing should be a regular thing that we do at least twice a day and after all of our meals. everyone has those stupid same old white containers that our dental floss is dispersed from (so stupid). now you can floss your teeth in style with my latest idea the awesome insane zippo lighter floss dispenser (yay).
please excuse the horrible photos. they were taken from my computers webcam resulting in pixilated, undetailed, suckish images (veiwer discretion advised)

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Step 1: Stuff U Will Need

in order to complete this insane instrument of tooth care you will have to acquire the following things:
1. dental floss
2. a zippo or any other lighter like it (I used a cheap lighter) glue gun and glue ( it is highly recommended that you not lite any thing on fire with the glue gun)
4.SDBCD (sharp duel bladed cutting devise) such as scissors

Step 2: Lighter Disassembly

first of all let me explain to you that this is not an Instructable involving fire, may I repeat THIS DOES NOT INVOLVE FIRE, FLAMES, HEAT, ANY FLAMMABLE SUBSTANCE, OR BURNING DOWN YOUR HOUSE (awwwww darnit) I now, but being the pyro that I am it was very hard to restrain my self from the temptation of using the lighter for a different Instructable involving some explosion and the possibility that I get sued because little bobby tried to renact my little stunt and exceeds only half the person he used to (ha, pun). so being the responsible adults that I now you are ;) please only use the lighter for the purpose demonstrated in the Instructable.
just getting that out now.
so. this step is easy take the lighter out of the casing, like so. and boom your done
you might also want to steralize the case just for some precaution (I didn't)

Step 3: Guting the Dental Floss

now it is time to gut and destroy that stupid narmal dantall floss container (yay). to do this pry out the inards then cut out the wheel thingy that the denatal floss spins on. thats one part but the fun isnt over. next you take of the metal hookish device that you brake the floss on. then last you cut with your SDBCD a small strip of plastic either from the case of the floss or the inards in this case I did the inards. when you are doing this step dont forget to take ou the floss and set it somewhere clean.

Step 4: The Tricky Part (assembly)

now that you have all of your parts together it is time to assemble them (woohoo). the most difficult part is to glue in the spool. this will take you a couple trys. if you fail just peel the glue of. put some glue on the wheely thing we talked about earlier and put some glue on it slide it into the case after you are done glueing it. try not get any glue on the floss. that was the hardest part. if you have come this far I am very proud of you. next glue on the little strip of plasticover the spool as shown in picture. then you can glue the hookish object on wherever you think it fits. I glued it on the front of the case.

Step 5:

now that youve finished go impress your freinds and enemys how you are so much cooler than them and how you take care of your teeth in style.

disclaimer: if your dental floss was unfortuanatley switced witg poisonous dental floss thats not my problem.

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    4 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Think this is a great idea! All those holders (tissue,sweet & Low, toothpick,ciarette) you see in the catalogs are a small fortune, and I've never seen one for floss yet either. This is great for all those people who gave up smoking(not me yet!) and don't know what to do with all those gift lighters they have! Best eco idea I've heard that is usable by EVERYONE!!! Great Job!!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    That is great, but I prefer fire instead of dental floss.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    yah me to but this light I had didnt work, I created this out of boardem