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The chinese horoscope animals made of recicled copper wire

Step 1: Materials

I take that wire roll out my old microwave before disposing of it.
And a straight nose plier.

Step 2: Spring

It was pretty easy to make, just make a spring rolling the plier and pulling the wire so it take the shape of the plier.

Step 3: Horse

A thin spring for the tail and after the twist of the legs continue the spring bigger for the chest, the front legs and another thin spring for the neck. then glue the silhouette of the head to the neck.

Step 4: Snake

Using two wires, a short spring for the tail, a twisted body, separate the wires to make the cobra neck, join the wires again and a second spring for the head, let the end of the wires fall to make the fangs. Fill the cobra neck with wire lines and a circle wire for the base.

Step 5: Dog

Pretty much like the horse, but the head is the same wire as the body. Drastically change the spring thicknes to make the eyes and end up the spring in an inverted heart shape for the mouth.

Step 6: Tiger

I couldn't make a tiger head so I tried to make it look like the tiger moldings from the costarican indians ceramics that are squared.

Step 7: Rooster

This was the easiest, but i had to use one piece of wire for the head, other for the wings and other for the rest.

Step 8: Bull

Just a thick neck and horns already make it look like a bull.

Step 9: Piglet

Like with the dog, change the wire thickness to make the eyes, mouth and nose. If you want a boar just put a couple fangs in his mouth.

Step 10: Goat

For the head, twisted the wire from the half, and the edges becone the horns. Then glue the head to the rest of the body.

Step 11: Changuito

Made of one single piece of wire. After doing this one I get the idea of make the enire horoscope.

Step 12: Bugs Bunny

Just big back legs and long ears.

Step 13: Mouse

I hate mice, but this one is ok I guess.

Step 14: Dragon

This one was the hardest because it's the bigest and no matter how long I cut the piece of wire, it wasn't enough to make the whole body. I ended up using 7 pieces of wire, 1 for the horns, 1 for the neck, 1 for the arms, 1 for the body, 1 for half tail and 1 for the other half of the tail. Using at the end more than 1 meter of wire just for the dragon and it's only 10cm long.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Sweet! I am trying my hand at wire sculpting. Do you have a step by step instructable for any of these?

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