Cord Organizer/manager

Introduction: Cord Organizer/manager

Step 1: Things You Will Need

a raquet ball .blue balls mark walls so if you can find another color you wont have to worry about damage i think they make yellow ,that would be more ideal for behind the tv applications close to the wall .also you will need a razor blade a drill and two diffrent size drill bits also a bolt two washers and a nut ............... note that for a small diameter wire like the one shown on the intro pic you might be able to just slice the raquet ball say a quarter of the ball circumfrence and wrap the cord around your fingers and shove cord into ball. for bigger diameter wire  i.e. lamp t.v dvd cords keep reading

Step 2: Now Slice the Raquet Ball in Half

be very carfull leather gloves might be a good idea you will notice the raquet ball has a line around it from being poured into the mold at the factory this line works great for following with your razor blade to get a near perfect slice

Step 3: Drill in the Center of the Halfs

drill in the center of both halfs start with a smaller diameter drill bit then re drill with the drill bit that has same diameter of your bolt you will be using.i do the drilling in two steps because it is inportant to have a circular hole not jagged like an x because you will get cracks and runs when you open and close the ball

Step 4: Next Put the Halfs Together and Insert the Bolt

push the bolt through both halfs together dont forget your washers at both ends and then screw on your nut

Step 5: With the Two Halfs Together Opener Up

if you did the drilling of the holes right with smooth edges than there shouldnt be any tears or runs now wrap your cord and cut away a little of the edge on either side of the half of ball a place where the cord can come out

Step 6: Closing the Ball Is Kinda Tricky

closing is the hardest part the sides of the ball tend to stick to each other and bind but with patience and finagiling the two sides will meet hopfully you wont need to open and close alot that would become a drag with our phone charger cord it will stay like this till the end of time and never be in the way again

Step 7: Update Here Is Another Twist to This Idea

in the begining of this instructable i noted that the use of a bolt may not be needed and that you maybe able to just slice the ball and wind the cord up and shove it in well i tried it with a tennis ball and heres the pics you decide what is best for your perticular needs

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