Cotton Candy Machine





Introduction: Cotton Candy Machine

Step 1: Cotton Candy Machine

electric motor, battery, (2)orange juice lids, sugar, wire, small piece of wood, electric clip, connector,( found in Homedepots)

Tools: drill, groove plier,knife

Step 2: Orange Juice Lids

find two orange juice lids, clean the inside and outside with sand paper

Step 3: First Lids

make a large hole as shown below, use the drill to make the hole,

Step 4: Second Lids

second lids, use the knife to make small hole around the lids,

Step 5: Two Lids Together

drill three holes around the 2 lids, use the wire to connect the lids together,

Step 6: Put Together

connect the lids to the electric motor and to the small piece of wood

Step 7: Yummy Cotton Candy

Heat to melt the sugar and turn it into a liquid
A set of very small holes that the liquid sugar can flow through to form threads of sugar
A spinning head that slings the liquid sugar outward so it is forced through the holes
use a stick to catch the threads



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I believe the sugar was heated separately from the spinner, probably on a stove, then it was poured into the machine.

Infelizmente isso não funciona! Foi um dos primeiros instructables que tentei fazer e me decepcionei. Precisa de uma fonte de calor para aquecer o açucar e o autor não mencionou isto.

What store can I get a threaded motor at? Please don't reply just an "electrical store." Does Menards have them? Ace? Home Depot? Lowes?

3 replies

At RadioShack is the best place or menard don't depot is $$$ so just go to RadioShack is like 1.00 for a really good motor

Haha suggested at my school doing it in engineer class thanks for the plans

Pretty cool! A few questions, though.
  1. Does the lighter fluid run out often?
  2. Doesn't sugar fling towards you as well at the paper?
  3. Does the cotton candy ever catch on fire as you are waving the cone around it?

I am Thinking of using an old Weed Wacker engine to make it spin and to use like a gas burner (from a grill or stove) for the heat and using a new wash tub thing from like homedeopot.... The only thing what can i use for the little funnel thing????

4 replies

You should use a propane powered engine, and maybe heat diffusers for the flame. Like a small camping propane griddle, you don't want it to kick out too much heat and burn the sugar, like if it were a turkey fryer head.

Very creative!
I wonder if I can make this... =]]