Craft Lace Zipper Keychain

Introduction: Craft Lace Zipper Keychain

today ill be showing u how to make a zipper key chain with craft lace

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Step 1: Gather Ur Material

u will need : craft lace , scissors , key ring: optional

Step 2: Cut 3 or 2 Different Colors of Craft Lace Make Sure One Is Longer Than the Other Ones

Step 3: Tie a Not With the Key Ring or Without the Keychain . Witch Ever U Want

make sure the two of the same colors are next to each other and the different color is next to the other two

Step 4: Grab the Key Chain and Put the Different Color Two the Left.

Step 5: Then Put the Color to the Right

Step 6:

then keep on crossing to the left then right

Step 7:

keep on going until u think its long enough

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