Crazy Water Bottle Prank




in this prank I will show you a funny prank that will make the victim go completly crazy!!! but after the prank is done dont let them drink the water!!!!

what you need:

glue (instant glue works best)

a water bottle (one that is being used works best)

a victim

Step 1: 1

first take the lid off the bottle. please, dont strain your brain on this one.

Step 2: 2

if it is a new bottle pour some of it out. and dry the rim when finished.

Step 3: 3

start to add glue to the rim of the bottle

Step 4: 4

put the lid back on. please once again dont strain your brain

Step 5: 5

sit back and watch the victim get mad. PLEASE dont let the victim drink the water they get it open. thanks for veiwing!



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey freerunnin1 do like to free run or are you just using that name free runnin is so cool


    10 years ago on Introduction

    darth vader... u said these words:i'd just fill it up with some sort of clear hair gel and it'll ne'er fall o't... what does ne'er and o't mean??????