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Introduction: Create a Runescape Account

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Here I will show you how to make a runescape account

Step 1: Answer All the Questions

Choose a account name and password And all that stuff.

Step 2: Loginig In

Now click on play runescape existing user and select your world. after its loaded type in your account name and password and click login

Step 3: Create a Person

now mix and match some parts you want and lets start!

Step 4: Finish Tutorial Island

Now finish tutorial island!

Step 5: Done!

Now you can go to the real deal and do all sorts of stuff!



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    48 Discussions

    I cant enter the create account free! in :(

    they do the graphics r improved...i quit rs 4 about half a yr and then became a member and i pretty much like it. i mean, sure, its a BIT stupid, but then what comp/video game isnt?

    Trust me, QUIT PLAYING. you'll look back and see why you played such a stupid game. it destroys your health when you sit around for 9 hours just sitting. Its not even that fun anyway.

    Do something else, like ride a bike, hang out with your friends, or go build something.
    Just log out and never log back in. it's simple as that.

    I wasn't talking about any old game, I was talking about games like Runescape, Or WoW, or maybe Everquest. Those are the type of games no one should touch.

    no, i said...wait...oh yeah it IS 9 hours a week. wow. thats crazy. well i dont actually use all of that time for rs. its 9 hours COMPUTER time. and i usually dont actually use up all of those hours. i dont wanna be one of those fat-glazed-eyed weirdos that sit on rs like 6 hours a day and dont do anythin else. i, for example, go hang out with my friends, go snowboarding, read, learn how to breakdance off the internet and do my homework.

    Well, sorry I put you in that category. I've known too many people that have done nothing but play that game. I'm shocked to see its still happening. Runescape isn't even that fun.

    Its fun if you like that type of game, obviously you dont have the type of patience to play runescape.

    its ok...i understand...i've met ppl on rs that play like 9-12 hours a day. i would die if i did that.

    dude if ur gonna b a member at least play a couple more hrs....why would u become a member if u have a life? lol and im not mem full time! i stopped playin 4 half a yr and then went back...

    and p.s my video shows the new and improved tutorial island and how to get threw it!AND FACTS ABOUT RUNESCAPE ALL IN ONE!!!!HOPE YOU SEE IT!

    2 replies

    ...they actually DO walk u throught tutorial island...u dont rlly need to spend time on telling us how to get through it... oh well, its ur time...