Create a Super Simple and Very Cool Holder

Intro: Create a Super Simple and Very Cool Holder

i tried to create a very simple and cool holder.i make it with a pocket of my old and thrown away jeans.its very easy to make and its really useful.


  • an old and rejected jeans
  • hammer
  • scissor
  • panel pins

Step 1: Gather All Supply

Step 2: Cut of the Back Pocket

cut the back pocket of the jeans as shown in the image

Step 3: Setup the Holder

now pin the one corner of the pocket into a wall where u want to make the holder

pin the other corner of the pocket as well

your holder is ready to use.

you can also add some other thing to decorate it. enjoy!



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    This looks like it might work well with a magnet attached to the back so it can be used as a way to organize a few thing in a school locker or on a frig..