Short Term EMERGENCY WATER SUPPLY Practically Free




Introduction: Short Term EMERGENCY WATER SUPPLY Practically Free

Forget the whole 2012 thing that nobody actually seems to know what's going to happen, what if we were to experience another ice storm?  It makes sense to prepare for things like that, especially if you can do it for next to free.  Take for example all the containers we throw away every day.  Containers for soft drinks (pop) (soda), milk, water; these are all made out of very sturdy PETE or HTPE plastic and even the cheapest little crinkly generic water bottle will stand up for a 2nd use (reduce, reuse, recycle, remember?).  They are all FOOD GRADE containers which everybody agrees is best.  Rip off the label and wash the container along with your nightly dishes, still free.  Fill it with chlorinated tap water (almost free) and that's all you have to do, the water will stay potable for a long time. You will be able to drink it if your water supply dries up.  This is not a permanent solution, you will need to be able to catch and filter water if things go bad for a long time, I'll have more on that topic later... 

AUTHOR ADDED: I wanted to reiterate - this is a short term fix that makes a good reuse of items that usually end up in the trash.  I'm also putting in 3 rain barrels, and I have already made a very serious filtration system using Berkey ceramic filters and 5 gallon water jugs that can be used to purify QUESTIONABLE water sources for the drinking water one might need for a LONG TERM solution to pure water... take a look at my other instructable on that topic.  Also, something to think about, the water you have stored outside won't be immediately useful if it's frozen, that's why I suggest plenty of water stored inside.



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    I actually use bleach containers for my non potable water because here in Florida the power can go off for days at a time after a major storm.The bleach bottles will naturaly leach chlorine out of them for some time

    I keep several gallon and larger plastic jugs to fill when we are expecting a large storm, I add a 1/8 teaspoon of bleach per gallon. So far I have never had to resort to using it for drinking so I use it for washing dishes and repeat for the next storm

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    On average with an hours worth of exercise a day a 200 pound person needs 3.5 liters of water a day about 120 US ounces. approx 7.5 pints to keep healthy.

    2520 pints a year per person just to drink. this doesn't include cooking, washing yourself, clothes etc.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but your stash isn't going to last long at all. Then what?

    In addition Plastic (PET) isn't suitable for long term storage of water - a variety of solvent chemicals are released into the water over time. Other plastic materials are even less suitable and may even flavor the water with your favorite chemical!

    If the Apocalypse comes then your best bet will be to find a running stream above the sheep line or set up a bulk water filtering system.

    Collect all the rain water you can get - ideally in Glass containers.

    In actual apocalyptic situations, although you can go longer without food than water, your lack of ability to trap and prepare wild food is almost certainly going to kill you sooner rather than later.

    The lack of ability to build and maintain weather proof shelter will kill sooner than later

    The lack of ability to protect your supplies from the plundering by others will one way or another kill you.

    Your modern clothes won't last long in harsh conditions, they are made on the basis of frequent replacement.

    Your mobility will quickly be limited to how far you can walk - carrying everything you need to survive.

    On the good side you don't need to invent the wheel, you may or may not be able to make or find some kind of weapon, spears, clubs. For a while there will be a lot of metal around.

    ME - I will set up a still and go out a happy person! (only joking - alcohol doesn't make you happy!)

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    Thankfully the real problem of ice storms only last about a week or so at worst.

    In that case it works - Although personally i would be cautious about long term storage in plastic bottles.

    I agree with that, plastic is notorious for keeping bad odors they are exposed to, and my son pointed out something I hadn't thought of - the leaching of any chemicals the bottles contain might be accelerated if the bottles were in sunlight, so I'm making sure to cover them as best I can with leaves or something. And I8nite made a good point too, this might be the water you would use to wash hands or something, BUT if you needed it to be pure enough to drink, you will need a way to purify it to as CLOSE TO 100% PURE as you can make it, check out my WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM instructable.

    Good comments, I think you underscore the importance of the many things a person needs to think about stockpiling sooner, rather than later.

    To answer what if we were to experience another ice storm?
    -You melt ice for water.


    The hidden outside storage is a nice idea. Thanks for sharing!