Creating Plastic Sign by Laser-cutting Through the Text

Introduction: Creating Plastic Sign by Laser-cutting Through the Text

I've just published another tutorial that demonstrates how to build a plastic sign or text by installing letters on a plastic base. In this tutorial I will show another way to do it: by cutting letters through the solid piece of plastic. This method is easier, it is hard to do something wrong here because you essentially just have to glue two pieces of plastic together.

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Step 1:

Using online designer add two blocks of text to the surface, select fonts and sizes.

Step 2:

You can get one layer with letters cut through or you can also get a base layer in different color. For this sample we will need base layer so make sure you check this checkbox.

Step 3:

Preview carefully! Different browsers render fonts differently, so design stage is not always 100% accurate. What you see in preview is what you will actually get.

Step 4:

Place your order and wait. Once you get your order delivered, you will need the following tools: glue and tweezers. This kind of sign is very easy to assemble, you can use pretty much any glue.

Step 5:

This is how it is posted: with protective film, letters are all attached with the tape.

Step 6:

Remove protective film from both layers.

Step 7:

Glue the layers together. Wait for glue to set.

Step 8:

Finally install small missing pieces. You may need tweezers.

Step 9:

This is how end result looks like. You also have all the letters, you can install them somewhere.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I was thinking about this. Maybe I will create a new designer specifically for business cards. It will have pre-set size, limited selection of materials, maybe several pre-configured templates.

    Do you know if anyone is already doing this on the net?