Creative Iphone5s Case

Introduction: Creative Iphone5s Case

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Step 1: 1

u are going to need an (A4 paper)

Step 2: Pencil

Step 3: Colorful Pencils

Step 4: Something Sharp

you can use scissors too

Step 5: Eraser

Step 6: Pencil Sharpener

Step 7: Iphone5s Jelly Case

Step 8:

put your phone on A4 paper and draw over it

Step 9: It Should Be Like This

Step 10: Drawing

now use your creation and draw something niceeee

Step 11: Coloring

now color it in the way u like

Step 12: Now Cut It Out

Step 13: Place It in the Case

now it's ready to use

Step 14: Here It Goes !!! ;)

Step 15: Ok

in this way u can have your own iphone case in the way u like u can have as many cases as u like . I wish u enjoyed !!!

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    5 years ago

    Now if only I could draw! xD