Creepy Ghost Pic




very fun and easy creepy ghost pic using your camera and photoshop

Step 1: Taking the Pic

first you take your camera to a darkened room with your tripod and right as you're taking the pic have the person that you're taking it of
move out of the way really fast and you will end up with a ghost looking effect.

Step 2: Photo Shop

now take your ghost looking pic and put it in to photo shop and choose your brush tool, 27pixel brush size, overlay mode, 47% opacity. zoom in on the head and choose your color of brush in my case it's red and color in the general eye area. and if you want you can darken or lighten the back ground.

Step 3: Crop and Finish

now just crop your picture to remove some of the extra background and focus on your creepy ghost!



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    Nice Rob! I'm certainly going to try this... is that El or Sam? (im pretty sure you can guess the names...)